“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” – William Shakespeare

Society teaches us that success and greatness is what we DO and HAVE. All wrong.

How the WORLD sees Greatness

Is it the certifications and achievements? The money, power, and medals? If we have money, power and status, the world calls us great. It’s easy to define greatness as tangible success; more money and power. Does that make us any better as a person?

Webster defines Greatness as “Unusual or considerable in degree, power, or intensity. Wonderful; first-rate; very good. Notable; remarkable; exceptionally good.” They are all WRONG! It’s not what you do, it’s who you are and how to treat other people

What Greatness IS

“Whoever wants to be great must become a servant.” – Mark 10:43 (MSG)

Greatness is not about you.  The game changers of the world were not attached to the outcome. Disney, Ford, Jobs, Mother Theresa never set out to get rich. Their purpose was so simple and always focused on other people. Your goals can be about making more money, fine. Go for the goal and crush the goal. How are you using that to help others? ‘Is this for me or other people?’

Ainsley Dillon, a REALTOR in Richmond and recent caller to the Great People Show told me, “Greatness is always doing the right thing. It’s how you live your life every day.” Once a month her and her team of REALTORS dress up like super heroes and visit sick children with cancer. They receive no money, certificates or medals for what they do. That’s not just cool, that’s GREAT.

“The true measure of your worth include all the benefits others have gained from your success.” – Colin Hightower.

The PATH to Greatness

Similar to getting rich, real greatness doesn’t happen overnight. Bob Flynn, Owner of Peopleworks and also recent caller shared a quote that will be infamous on our show, “For years I multitasked through the seven deadly sins.” (WOW, I can relate!) “On the surface, I looked successful. Reminds me of an old 58 Ford, I had it painted great but the engine as pretty well shot.” His definition of greatness is ‘Epically excelling far beyond the ordinary.’ It’s impossible to do that alone.

Our greatness isn’t as much about what we do but why we do it. It’s what you do for others that defines your greatness. I challenge you to stop chasing results, stop chasing awards, stop chasing bigger and better and serve. Because serving others is how your greatness in your life will be defined.

Listen to the Great People Show Episode 12 – ‘How do YOU define Greatness? on iTunes HERE!

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