“The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” Luke 6:45

Our words are the most powerful force in the universe. We can create and destroy anything with them. The words that we’ve used our entire life have created who we are today.

If you are full of frustration, your words will be frustrating. If you are full of fear, your words will be fearful. If you are full of anger, your words will be angry. We can watch our words or watch what our heart becomes full of.

We start by taking control of what we put (or let) into our head. We can be blind to the small subtle words that accumulate negativity over time. We often don’t think about what we are saying.

What is ‘Your Word’ or ‘Your Phrase?’

‘ENJOY THE RIDE!’ is a saying we picked up from Dave Carwile on the Great People Show this week. What a powerful phase to use throughout the day to ensure your head is in the right place. ‘When we start to enjoy the ride, the people around us get to enjoy the ride as well.’ How often are you asking others, ‘Are YOU enjoying the ride today?’

An idea I implemented recently is choosing ONE WORD for a period of time and focusing on it relentlessly. As Nhat Pham told us on the Great People Show, “What you think about is what you bring about.”

A good friend of mine, Emily Carter told me years ago, “The alphabet is free and we can use it how we chose.” Choose wisely.

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