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“You will only achieve greatness when your desire is greater than your fear.”

When we are in a state of fear its near impossible to be the best version of ourselves. When I think of the entire path to maximizing the time we have on earth…our path to greatness, the #1 thing that will get in our way is fear.

Fear can trap you or it can release you! The goal is not to be fearless as we commonly see marketed to us today’s world. This gives us no room to feel the adrenalin associated with looking fear in the eyes and saying, ‘I feel you and I will beat you.’ On multiple occasions, DAILY I have fears. I need fear to embolden me. I need fear to validate I’m not done pursuing excellence. A favorite quote is by Richard Branson “If your goals don’t scare you they are not big enough.’

What are you really afraid of?

Most of the time we have little to be afraid of. My personal fear is losing my children. It’s an irrational fear because my kids are never in a danger in their normal course of life. They have no diagnosed illness that may ever prevent them from living through the night. So basically, my fear is what I’ve trapped in my own head. It’s tied to ‘what if’ of pain and suffering that I’ll probably never experience. The fear is all about me. It always is.

Public speaking is the identical fear. It’s stuck in your head and completely manufactured. Why? Because you are more concerned about you than your audience.

Fear is based on our confidence

Confidence and fear cannot coexist. If you are afraid of making a mistake, you can’t believe you will do well. If you are afraid of what someone will think about you, you cannot believe in yourself.

We attach self-worth (personal value) to many decisions in life. When we become ‘afraid’ of what might happen is we are wrong, we lack the ability to move forward in a confident way.

Fear is in your imagination. Don’t let it run away with your future. You are designed for more than what you are doing now and fear is usually the only thing in your way to Greatness!

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