IF you have regrets, what are they? Do you even believe in regrets? Should you have them? I used to believe one should never have regrets. I felt everything I have been through defined who I am today. Nothing is bad about that, right? Well you might be missing something very valuable.

Types of Regret

There are two types of regrets:

  1. What I did that I wish I hadn’t.
  2. What I didn’t do that I wish I had.

There are plenty of things to regret in life, like not burying the hatchet with someone or working so much at the expense of family and friendships. And not spending enough time with someone or not telling someone how much you care before they aren’t there anymore.

Learn From Your Regret

How do you get some positive from the previous pain? If we look back on a situation we regret ask, “What was that person trying to showing me?” said Yedda from the Great People Show. “Sometimes the pain can grow and fester for so long, we’ll never see the value in the regret. Don’t play with the pain like a Rubik’s cube!” Don’t treat your regret like a fidget spinner!

It’s critical to take what we’ve been through and channel it to a better decision today. Sometimes regrets give us the opportunity to make up for bad decisions. It brings our attention and focus on the things that are important today. “If you have even an inkling to chase something you are passionate about take the leap. Have confidence in yourself,” said Mike Winters.

Redefine Your Day

Living in the moment is the most important things we can do. John Waterman says to “Maximize the day you’ve been given. Don’t be complacent. You may lose and opportunity you’ll never get back. Get up early and frame the day up. Go to sleep knowing you gave it all you got.” Boom! If you have a ‘master list’ of your priorities that you review every day, the list of regrets will shrink over time.

Live a Life of No Regrets

I’m encouraged I haven’t screwed up too much in my life. When we make a decision resulting in an ugly aftermath, we refine what we do want in our life. We will make no mistakes. It reminds us of our weaknesses and developed strengths. We only will have experiences. As we live and learn from mistakes and failures, the regrets we have will change the way we see ourselves, the way we see others and the way we take advantage of doing the things that are right. We will judge others less, become kinder and really appreciate where we are in life and who we’ve become through the process.

What are doing or not doing today that you may regret later? It’s about living a life of no regrets. We can’t rewind time and take anything back. But as long as you are still on this earth, the clock has not run out yet!

To listen to the episode ‘Do You Have Regrets?’ of the Great People Show, CLICK HERE.


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