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“Success is fine, but success is fleeting. Significance is lasting.”  – Beth Brooke

Another way to put it, success ends at death and significance is eternal.

On a recent episode of the Great People Show my friend and mentor Sam Hayes ( joined me as a guest co-host. When I asked him, “Who are you?” he answered, “I love helping folks find who they are.” A great answer that is purpose mixed with passion. Passion is for you while purpose is for everyone else. Add those together and you find significance.

Passion + Purpose = Significance!

What makes YOU significant? – Stop chasing significance because you already have it. You were born with it bearing the imprint of a great maker. It takes decades for you finally to reveal it to yourself! The world tells you to create your own sense of importance (significance) but if you chase the wrong significance you’ll end up empty.

Where do you find significance? Let’s begin at the end, “Did my life count? How?” It’s up to you, today, to be sure you can have a great answer to that question. Other people can’t give you significance, but they are always playing a part in it. They may even reveal it to you along the way, but you deny it! While I don’t know what your significance is, I can tell you what it isn’t: Success is not significance and they are not interchangeable. You can be significance and have no worldly success. You can be very successful and have no significance.

How To Find Significance

Your life has already revealed to you your significance.
1 – Make a list of all your defining moments. Get at least eight and I enourage you to list as many as possible. Write them out as stories and answer the question, “How did this define who I am today?’ Note: Many of these will seem negative. It’s how our mind thinks. After you’ve listed the easy ones, be sure to probe yourself for more positive ones. Note 2: Do this with a coach. They will get more out of you than you will alone.

2 – From the answers to the question on each defining moment, write down common themes. In what ways are you now helping people? Where is your heart toward others? What are you good at? Note: Significance isn’t always what you like to do.

3 – At the end of each day, write down the answer to this question, ‘What stood out today?’ After twelve days, read each one again and find the theme. What is the thread that runs through them all? Your significance is speaking to you every day.

The key in life is to confirm your significance, own it and live it!

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