Do you have what it takes? The real question is, for what? Life seems designed to create hardship. If you read to the end, there is a reason for that.

Having what it takes is also called ‘Grit.’ Its becoming a popular term. A recent book called Grit by Angela Duckworth is getting a lot of attention. Webster says it’s a ‘firmness of character; indomitable spirit.’

Grit is not just an element of our character, it has multiple elements. A recent Forbes article breaks it into 5 characteristics: courage, achievement oriented, endurance, resilience and a strive for excellence. We went to social media to poll which one of these five best describes people. Resilience BLEW away the others. It wasn’t until I wrote this post that I realized why: Resilience is primarily a REACTION to adversity. The others are more preparation before.

Christine Kennedy, COO of the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance and Life Coach has an amazing acronym for GRIT:

  • Growth – When things get tough what growth will come from that?
  • Resilience – Develop the resilience muscle.
  • Intentionality – When you go through something difficult, the only thing reliable is what you put into it. What do you want on the other side of that challenge?
  • Trust – As you go through seasons of dark times what are you relying on? Where is your identity coming from? For Christine, it’s God because that is unchanging for her.

When she joined us on the Great People Show she shared a quote on her wall, “I don’t stop when I’m tired I stop when I’m done.” “In context of Grit, you can’t quit. But you also have to apply grit to walk away at the best time,” Christine told us. She’s a breast cancer survivor. How can you get grittier than looking at death in the eye and winning?

When Andy called into our show he shared that his business has been flooded twice in four years but he’s also done four Iron Man competitions so he’s built up his grit immune system. “It’s about building a support structure of people around you. The more people relying on me, the grittier I need to be…and easier to have that push.” He also recommends having a mentor and a community. “It’s not about me, I do it for others.”

We found a major key in having grit is to not be a victim. Remember, it’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you. Courage and being a victim can’t co-exist.

This was Kelsey’s last show for a while and she’s heading back to Longwood University. She capped off our show this week immaculately: “When you have grit you have the passion and perseverance to tackle any obstacle that stands in your way. There are people out there who have super skills, innate talents, superior genes, or maybe a high IQ, but those who have grit are the highest in achieving greatness. So, when like knocks you down, find your courage to get back up, throw down a challenge and keep your eyes on the prize. When you look back you can pat yourself on the back at the amount of grit you possess.”

Why does life create hardships? So you can find the joy in the other side. Stay Great My Friends!

To listen to the episode ‘Grit’ of the Great People Show, CLICK HERE.

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