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Expectation is the root of all heartache. William Shakespeare

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have I ever met the standards I’ve set for myself?
  2. Do I consistently ask myself, ‘What more can I do? Have I done enough?’
  3. Am I my own worst critic?
  4. Do I often compare myself to others?
  5. Do I assume others need me as much as I believe they do?

High Expectations Have a Dark Side

It’s ok to raise expectations to be the best version of yourself. High expectations can propel us to excellence, success, all that good stuff. It can also be our greatest barrier. Co-host James Munsey says, ‘We have to have something to aim for. An audacious goal. I like to have something unattainable.’ I disagreed on the show! You can have too much of a good thing.

We are our own worst critic but only if we give ourselves something to be critical about. If I’m critical of myself, I’m setting a standard in my head that I need to meet for myself. If I don’t meet that standard I have something to criticize myself about.

Comparing Yourself To Others

How much of this is comparing yourself to others? When you see others doing more or having more that you, you raise your expectations. Should we be doing it simply because of someone else?

The biggest way we look at ourselves is in comparison to others and it can quickly get excessive. That bar is usually set against what we see other people doing. If social media is fueling the fire for you, remember, Facebook gives us altered reality.

Are your high expectations even relevant to you or driven by what someone else does?

When Is Good, Good Enough?

When we meet self-imposed expectations, we’re probably moving on the next expectation or raise the bar a little higher and not really enjoy what we’ve been able to accomplish. Shouldn’t we love life if we win and great things happen to us? If they are tied to high expectations, we’re just relieved.

Question your expectations. Is this really realistic? The fun can be sucked out of life if we are too caught up in our expectations. The best professional baseball players at bat fail 2/3 of the time! Enjoy the ride!

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